Frequently Asked Questions

Waypost Frequently Asked Questions

Waypost is unique — here are some of the frequently asked questions about our stone siding and stone veneer installation applications. If you have more questions, please contact us!

Waypost Application Frequently Asked Questions

What is Waypost Stone Siding made of?

Waypost is made from a durable lightweight concrete with natural iron oxide pigments for color. Capitalizing on years accumulated knowledge in concrete mix design, Waypost is one of the strongest products in the stone siding market with a compressive strength of 5740 psi.

Is Waypost Stone Siding an interior or exterior product?

Waypost is designed and tested to withstand harsh exterior climates, but it is wonderfully suited for interior projects as well, like fireplace fronts and accent walls. We stand behind this product, whether it is installed inside or out, which is why we offer a 50 year limited warranty.

What maintenance is required?

Waypost Stone Siding is a maintenance free product. If the stone gets dusty or dirty, simply wash it with non-pressurized water or compressed air.

How do I cut the stone?

A chop saw, circular saw, tile saw, or hand grinder using a masonry or diamond blade will cut through the stone. Always wear safety glasses, dust mask and ear protection when cutting the stone.

Who makes Waypost Stone Siding?

Waypost Premium Stone Siding is created by Boulder Creek Stone Products.  We manufacture the good stuff. The kind of premium, manufactured stone and thin brick that top designers, architects and discerning homeowners choose. Our wide variety of textures and palettes create a rugged, authentic stone look that is as unique and subtle as anything Mother Nature intended.

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